Welcome to Kilo Ltd - Your Trusted UK Food Ingredients Supplier.

Welcome to Kilo Ltd, your reliable Food Ingredient Supplier in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. With over a decade of expertise, Kilo is a leading supplier of high-quality food ingredients, preservatives, and functional chemicals. Our diverse product range caters to various sectors, including food, sports nutrition, and pharmaceuticals.

At Kilo Ltd, we are proud of our cutting-edge, BRC-compliant warehouse positioned for swift deliveries across the UK and Ireland. Our product range includes hundreds of product lines, providing flexibility and control over your stocks. As your trusted UK food ingredient supplier, we aim to meet your requirements through our quality of service, product and customer service.

Discover a comprehensive selection of popular food ingredients, including Glycerine, Citric Acid, Sweeteners, and more, readily available for supply. We also provide alternative options to accommodate diverse needs. With Kilo Ltd as your trusted food ingredient supplier, accessing top-notch products from our warehouse to your doorstep has never been easier.

Whether you need bulk chemicals, quality food ingredients, or specialized products, Kilo Ltd has you covered. This range includes sought-after ingredients such as Glycerine, Citric Acid and a vast array of Phosphates. We have these food ingredients on hand to supply. We also offer several alternatives to cater to your needs. Our product range and industry expertise show us as a reliable trading partner. We prioritize transparency and honesty through our customer service and the quality of products supplied.

Rely on Kilo Ltd as your dependable food ingredient supplier to efficiently and reliably fulfil all your needs. Accessing products from your doorstep has never been more convenient. Discover how Kilo Ltd can assist you with your food ingredient requirements. Experience the excellence of Kilo Ltd – your ultimate solution for top-quality food ingredients in the UK.

What else would you expect from a leading preservative, additive and bulk chemical supplier?

At Kilo Ltd, we pride ourselves on being your trusted source of unique food items. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with partners, ensuring high-quality products at competitive prices. From New Product Development (NPD) to final supply, Kilo supports you every step of the way.

We provide 200+ stocked products, including vitamins, proteins, acids, and blends. Our reliable supply routes ensure seamless assistance throughout your project. Kilo serves diverse industries, maintaining high standards for startups and established companies. These high standards have given Kilo a reputation as a dependable supplier, upholding these standards to meet your demands.

Discover why Kilo is a leading food ingredient supplier in the UK. Our commitment to quality, robust distribution, and exceptional customer service make us your ultimate solution. Contact us today to experience the Kilo difference in food ingredients, preservatives, and functional chemicals.

If you need a supplier of Glycerine, Ascorbic Acid, Xanthan Gum or any other product, Kilo can assist.

Discover why we are a trusted supplier of high-quality bulk food ingredients across the UK.

Here at Kilo Ltd we quote with no hidden charges!

State-of-the-Art Location

A Modern and multi-million-pound warehouse. Our location provides a quick and quality service for our goods.

Quality & Traceability

A skilled and dedicated quality team are on hand to provide you with all accreditations and quality assurance of our goods.

Reliability & Credibility

We value openness and honesty with our customers and strive to provide transparency whilst following through on our promises to be your reliable and credible source of ingredients.

Industries We Serve

Kilo is on-hand to help with your needs. Whether a beverage company, a gluten-free bakery, a pharmaceutical manufacturer or anything else. With a broad range of options, Kilo has grouped products into their common industries below to help provide more insight.

All Core Products

Many products fall into multiple industries. As one of the market leaders, we have collated all of these into a comprehensive on the link below.

Each of our product records has additional details to help our customers. We aim to ensure we are transparent as a food ingredients trader, UK and Ireland-wide.

A-Z Product List

Food & Beverage Ingredients

We deal with bakeries, confectionery, soft drinks, breweries and more to supply a range of sugars, thickeners, preservatives and beyond to our customers.

If you need food and beverage ingredients, Kilo has you covered. Click below for a product list and see why food manufacturers trust Kilo as a UK food ingredients supplier. We can also deal with non-standard items - get in touch today!

Food & Beverage Product List

Sports Nutrition Products

Our range includes protein powders, sweeteners & vitamins, to name a few. Whether pre-workouts or protein blends, Kilo is a reliable, high-quality source from A to Z.

With a focus on quality, Kilo is a quality choice. Our button below highlights our range of regular products. Click below to learn more. Get in touch to ask about any products you may need today.

Sports Nutrition Product List

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Ingredients

Whether manufacturing soaps, moisturisers or producing medicines, we have the raw materials you need. If you need humectants, pH buffers or anything in between, our range is on-hand to assist.

For more information about Kilo or a view of the product range, click below or send us an email - we will be happy to assist.

Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Product List

Industrial & General Products

Acids, Antifoams, Phosphates, and Thickeners are just part of the offering Kilo can supply to UK businesses. If you're making detergents or producing cement - we have the products for success.

Kilo aids countless companies up and down the United Kingdom and Ireland with their chemical needs. Click on the button below to see our usual range of products, chemicals and additives.

Industrial & Chemical Product List

E-Liquid Ingredients & Flavours

In this ever-growing industry, we supply ingredients like Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Mono Propylene Glycol (PG), Nicotine and mouth-watering flavours for quality juices.

We buy VG & PG in bulk tankers and fill them off on-site here in the West Midlands from our purpose-built cleanroom. For a full range of our VG, PG, Nicotine and Flavours, click the button below.

E-Liquid Product List

For more information about Kilo, click on any links or the buttons below.

Product A-Z   About Kilo   Company Values 

Central UK location for dispatch throughout the UK and Ireland. Food Ingredients Supply from our door to yours.

Vast Warehouse Space

With space to hold our vast range of stock for our customer needs, contracted & immediate.

1000s of pallets monthly

With consistent deliveries to customers and from our supply chain, all with ease and without hassle.

Solar Panelling On-Site

Our site produces energy via solar panels. We are an environmentally aware business.

Kosher KLBD Compliant

Our Glycerine sold is fully KLBD Kosher Certified, reassuring you of our commitment to quality.